Welcome to Publicity.ai. Follow these 4 easy steps to get started researching markets and planning campaigns.

Step 1 - Sign in to a Publicity.ai Pro account

Sign in to Publicity.ai. Need help? Follow these instructions to sign up or log in.

You will need a Pro account to get the full Publicity.ai experience. If you do not already have a Pro account, sign up for a free trial on our Publicity.ai plans page. 

Step 2 - Integrate your Google Analytics data

Publicity.ai allows you to integrate your first-party data from Google Analytics to identify your website's highest performing landing pages to more effectively create campaigns. This step is optional but highly recommended.

From the homepage, click the link titled “Explore your Google Analytics profiles[ 1 ]

You will be redirected to the Google authentication page. Click “Allow[ 2 ]

And that's it! You can learn more about how apps like Publicity.ai connect to your Google Analytics here.

Step 3 - Run a Smart Search query

The Smart Search box allows users to surface opportunities to drive ROI by showing Google organic search positions for a entered domain along side with Adwords CPC data and monthly search volume. This information makes it easier to select and plan a profitable campaign.

There are two ways to run a Smart Search query.

1) Search by domain / url

Enter a domain or url into the search field and click "Analyze" [ 3 ]

2) Select a domain or url from your Google Analytics

Click "Explore your Google Analytics profiles" then click a Google Analytics profile.

Click a domain or url you want to run a Smart Search.

Smart Search results

Below are example results provide once a domain or url is searched.

Keyword[ 4 ] is a list of Google search terms

Current Position[ 5 ] is the current Google organic rank position for “Keyword

Search Volume[ 6 ] is the number of exact match searches monthly for “Keyword

Adwords CPC[ 7 ] is the current cost-per-click on Adwords for “Keyword

URL[ 8 ] is the specific page on domain that is ranking for “Keyword

Clicking on a specific keyword will redirect you to the market analysis page where you can build and customize a profitable campaign.

Step 4 - Market Analysis and Building a Campaign

Market Analysis shows your Publicity Rank™ for a specific keyword compared to your competitors and enables you to plan and launch a campaign with just a few clicks. From here, you can choose your goals and Publicity.ai will take care of the rest. 

“Primary Keyword” [ 9 ] is the exact string searched in Google

Searches/Month[ 10 ] is Google's exact match monthly search volume

Adwords CPC[ 11 ] is the average cost-per-click on Adwords for “Primary Keyword

#1 Organic Value[ 12 ] is the estimated value of organically having the #1 Google search result for “Primary Keyword”. This is calculated from “Searches/Month” and “Adwords CPC

"URL" [13] column are the top pages sorted by Publicity Rank™

Publicity.ai’s proprietary analysis [ 14 ] for the publicity pointed to each URL:

Medium” is a type of editorial where the publicity placement is strong enough to make a meaningful impact in online visibility.

Strong” are editorials that significantly more influential than Medium editorials. These are from publications which are well read and highly linked to.

Resource” is the ultimate placement classification and most difficult to acquire, because they typically start as Medium or Strong editorials. Over time, placement may eventually become a Resource if it is considered a credible source and therefore heavily linked to.

Click here to learn more about Publicity.ai's placement classifications here.

Miscellaneous Information:

Your target URL for this campaign [ 15 ]

Competing pages sorted by Publicity Rank™ [ 16 ]

Option to use Publicity.ai’s recommended settings [ 17 ] or custom monthly budget

Choose your Campaign Goals [ 18 ] and Publicity will dynamically provide publicity recommendation and associated cost to achieve those goals

Total new publicity [ 19 ] recommended to be earned over entire campaign to achieve campaign goals selected

Monthly additional editorials [ 20 ] recommended to be earned to achieve marketing campaign goals

Cost per Month to achieve campaign goals [ 21 ]

Step 5 (Optional) - Contact a Marketing Professional

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