Why Confirm Your Account

When a Publicity.ai account is created, an email with a confirmation link is sent to the email address associated on the account. We required all accounts to be confirmed to help prevent spam and abuse on the platform.

Not Confirming Your Account

When you first create a Publicity.ai account, you have 72 hours to confirm the email address on the account. If you do not confirm the account within 72 hours, the account will be deactivated until it is confirmed. A deactivated account will immediately reactivate after the account is confirmed using the confirmation link in the original confirmation email.

If you did not receive or lost the confirmation email, you can request a new confirmation email here.

Follow the instructions below to confirm your account:

  1. Enter your email in the field and click the "Resend confirmation instructions"

  2. Click the confirmation link in the email

and... that's it!

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